December 4, 2016

CTL Australia Board facility tour

The CTL Australia Board and executive team toured the CTL Zhejiang province facilities as part of ongoing updates on improvements and production capabilities.

Led by CEO Shao Xubin, Non-executive Directors Andrew Martin and Gary Francis came in from Australia and spent a day tracking the entire lifecycle from raw steel to end products throughout the steel manufacturing factories.

The CTL Group is a diversified business involved in steel production and property development in China. The Chinese-based companies operate two interrelated steel businesses – one which purchases and cleans the steel (NTN) and the other which processes the steel (Citylong).

CTL has established a business model that allows for it to supply value added steel products to a wide customer base within the China industrial market.

The management of CTL however has a longer term strategic plan to continually move the business operations up the value chain, using the existing revenue stream of the business, along with the capital sought, to underpin that growth.

CTL has already commenced this process by expanding its product offering into the automotive parts sector, a sector  that is experiencing significant growth.

In the longer term it is planned that the business consolidate its current operations from the two industrial sites it presently occupies into one.

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