About CTL

CTL is the Australian Holding Company for the CTL Group which is a diversified business involved in steel production and property development in China. 

CTL comprises Ningbo Marine Citylong Industrial Co., Ltd (Citylong), a well-established operation in the processing and manufacturing of high precision steel products and automobile components, and Ningbo Nantian Metal Co., Ltd (NTN), which supplies cleaned (pickled) unprocessed steel and warehousing facilities to Citylong.

The Group currently has annual revenues of RMB 111,000,000 (approximately AUD $21,500,000).

The Group’s operations are located in Ningbo, one of China’s most important commercial centres, and is ranked in the top 10 (7 th) cities on mainland China in which to conduct business. It is the second largest city in Zhejiang Province, an economically and geographically important region and the country’s 4th largest consumer market.

It is the convergence of the strength of the Group’s underlying business, its geographic location in Ningbo and its close proximity to Shanghai, the “Dragon Head” of the Yangtze River Delta and the centre of much of China’s manufacturing, industrial and commercial activities that is driving the Group’s expansion plans.

Steel components

The Group produces a wide range of steel products which are used as components in the production of fire extinguishers, mechanical and household appliances, metal cabinets, control consoles, safes, steel furniture, motorcycles, fans, kitchenware and car parts.

Car parts

Car parts production commenced during 2016 and already accounts for approximately 10% of our revenue.  The Chinese car market continues to grow very rapidly and we believe the car components section of our business has significant growth potential. Increased production capacity and inventory will allow us to pursue larger more lucrative contracts.

The car parts are sold to local car parts manufacturers for use in vehicles manufactured by Range Rover, Volvo, BMW and Volkswagen, amongst others.

Commercial land

The intended rezoning of the Citylong site from Industrial to Commercial will allow for an increase in Group value on our balance sheet,  and allow the Group to enter into a proposed Joint Venture with a partner to develop the site at the JV partners cost, with the Group supplying the land.

Latest News

Located in Ningbo south of Shanghai


Citylong site

Covering 5.8 hectares with encroaching residential areas. The Citylong area and surrounds are eligible for rezoning to Residential/commercial.

Nantian site

The company has permission to apply for the redevelopment of this site to reclaim land, building a logistics centre and wharf to accommodate ships up to 10,000 DWT. The area before reclamation is approx. 7.3 hectares.
40000Current steel production per year in tonnes
60000Planned 2017 production capacity in tonnes
180000Capacity in tonnes with working capital injection